Manage copyrighted videos with automatic content recognition

The tool for video platforms and rightsholders

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Building trust between video platforms and rightsholders

Platforms teams can identify and block infringing videos prior to public release while complying with Article 17.

Rightsholders can identify, track and monetize their content on video platforms to get the most revenue out of every piece of content.

How it works

WebKontrol compares the fingerprints of copyrighted videos with the fingerprints of every upload on a platform. Within seconds, you get matching results with near-zero false positives.

Even if a copyrighted video on a platform is mirrored, cropped, or in general distorted, it will be detected.

Leave the content recognition to high-end technology

Scalable video matching
You can use WebKontrol for matching an unlimited number of videos simultaneously. Fully automatically via API.

With security in mind
Digital fingerprints are completely secure and not reversible to the original video files.

Cost- and time-effective solution
With up-to-date matching results, there is no need for big teams of moderators. No more human errors also.

Integration level: easy
The quick and client-friendly setup requires minimum effort from your side.

Why WebKontrol

13+ years of content recognition experience


100% proprietary technology patented in the US


Member of YouTube Content Verification Program & Google’s Trusted Copyright Removal Program

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