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Rapid and precise search and identification on the web

Once uploaded to major hosting and sharing sites, illegal content is often promoted via thousands of landing pages and in many languages. With a manual or half-automated search, it’s almost impossible to issue a takedown notice on all copies, not to mention renamed, cropped and distorted versions.

WebKontrol’s proprietary AI technologies hound the root file down to its hosting server – no matter its quality and nicknames – and when it is removed after a takedown notice, all related copies embedded to landing pages vanish too.

What makes our search truly efficient?

A cost-effective multi-layered search technology allows different types of search to focus on exact content locations – first by different types of metadata, then by fingerprints. 

We have indexed a wide array of pages from all of the major video storage resources, making detection of unauthorized copies effective and cost-efficient.

Our fingerprint database is steadily growing; the index of major hosting, streaming and file sharing sites is constantly updated, and content identification takes place 24/7. This ensures rapid response rates once matches are detected. 

What ensures high-quality precision?

  • WebKontrol’s advanced fingerprinting technology permits the creation of comparable video fingerprints based on a title’s individual characteristics, including key scenes and their dynamics. Every such image is divided in clusters, and their parameters form a data array of this scene. Together, all arrays make up a fingerprint of a certain shape and length. This means a video and its copies have fingerprints of the same central contours, even if copies are somehow distorted, dubbed or cropped. 

  • Artificial neural networks powered by Graphical Processing Units streamline the complex process of fingerprint creation and comparison in an N-dimensional data space.

  • Millions of tiny high-quality samples form a database stored on our fail-safe servers. The number of new fingerprints is growing by thousands every week. 

What enables an in-depth web search?

  • Based on advanced computer vision algorithms, WebKontrol’s unstoppable crawler automatically screens all video-related services and sites on the global web, including social media, torrent and file sharing platforms. 

  • The crawler can pass over complicated hosting algorithms of the top video storage sites to screen vast volumes of data from the depth of multiple servers. 

Precision of WebKontrol’s powerful video search engine helps you find illegal copies of your content to take them down.

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