Video Fingerprinting

Digital fingerprinting radically automates content detection across major social media platforms
boosting the speed, accuracy, and data volumes processed

How does it work?

Our proprietary digital fingerprinting and video recognition technology automatically detects and extracts key video frames from video files. All video features are encoded into a binary representation that forms a data array of a scene. Together, all arrays make up a video fingerprint. These fingerprints are matched against tiny, high-quality samples of original pieces of video content in real-time.


Highly accurate video fingerprinting technology identifies pirated video regardless of its quality, size, language, added features, and other alterations such as being renamed, cropped, or otherwise distorted.


Our video search engine dramatically shortens the detection time of illegally distributed content, allowing quicker content takedown.


Once fingerprinted, content is detected in a multi-platform mode. Original content is compared to a robust, ever-evolving database containing fingerprints of all the videos ever uploaded to the largest social media sites. Tens of thousands of new fingerprints are added every day.

Easy to manage

All matching results can be controlled and double-verified via a user-friendly client interface 24/7. Upload of video samples for digital fingerprinting is also available.

Welcome to a New Era of Content Protection

With a manual or semi-automated search, it’s almost impossible to identify and verify infringing videos in the limitless universe of videos ever uploaded onto the Internet. Our proprietary video fingerprinting technology solves this problem by enabling precise content identification on the largest resources within seconds. No human can outcompete machine-powered data processing on such a scale.

Multifunctionality of technology. Video pre-filtering

Digital fingerprinting technology can be applied as a means of video pre-filtering to prevent the distribution of unauthorized, duplicate, and non-original content inside existing video ecosystems. Before being published, video content is fingerprinted and matched against a particular video database.

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