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DMCA Takedown Notices for Search Engine Results Delisting

Why Is Search Result Delisting Important?

Over 90% of all internet traffic comes from search engines. The major search engines include Google (78.1B monthly visits), Yahoo (3.43B), Bing (928M), Yandex (3.5B), and Baidu (5.93B).
Combined efforts on keeping search engines clean from infringing links have a profound cumulative effect on the overall piracy landscape.

Search result delisting is a powerful tool to minimize the availability of pirated content on the Internet and to discourage pirates from the further upload of illicit files. In the short term, removal requests for Google search results allow rights holders to achieve short-term results by drastically decreasing the visibility of pirated content. This is all part of the long-run fight against rogue sites that do not comply with DMCA takedown notices.

Sites for which search engines regularly receive a large number of valid removal requests appear much lower in search results, losing traffic. In some cases, after being removed from Google search results, such resources change their DMCA compliance policies.

The Art of Links Delisting

Search engines use extremely powerful systems that tailor search results individually for each user. Search results are generated by embedded ranking algorithms based on the language and wording of the request, location, and previous search history of the user. To make links with pirated content truly extinct and remove the search results from Google and other search engines, we apply the most advanced search approach. 

Robotic search. We automatically crawl search engines’ results for variation of queries, applying the most popular keywords.

Multilingual approach. We use search queries in 9 most common languages to ensure the widest detection of search results that contain pirated content.

Accuracy and precision. The site domains of all allegedly infringing links detected are matched with Whitelist before being reported.

Full compliance. We follow all the procedures imposed by each search engine to have illegal links delisted.

Google DMCA Takedowns

According to Statista, as of July 2020, Google accounts for 86.7% of all desktop searches, making it the most-visited site globally, and making it the starting point for roughly all further destination pages on the web. 

Constant and thorough delisting and removal of illegal links strikes at the very heart of businesses built on the distribution of pirated content online.

WebKontrol is a proud partner of Google’s Trust Copyright Removal Program (TCRP).  Our high volume of submissions and proven track record of submitting accurate notices, with our consistent need to submit thousands of listings each day. 

We harness the streamlined submission process that enables us to remove search results and illegal links from Google faster and at scale thanks to an increased number of notices allowed for simultaneous submission.

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