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UK IP Crime Report 2017

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office issued the IP Crime Report for 2017. It includes important events in the sphere of copyright and trademark protection. According to the report, torrents, cyberlockers, and streaming sites remain the main threat of copyright infringement. Besides, there is a relatively new threat, illegal distribution through Kodi Boxes, allowing TV audience […]

UK IP Crime Report 2016

The UK’s IP Crime Report 2015/16 has just been published, revealing infringement trends gathered from both governmental and private anti-piracy groups. This year in the online piracy sector IPTV/Kodi, torrent sites and stream ripping are seen as the main threats. Meanwhile, the report reveals that pirating Internet subscribers will be receiving warning letters before the […]

Reform of the Copyright Law in Europe

On September 16, 2016 the European Commission published its project of modernization of the EU’s copyright law, intending to strengthen the position of copyright holders. One of the most remarkable features of this proposal is the requirement for website to control pirated content. The Commission explains, that “…proposal obliges such service providers to take appropriate […]

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