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Europe’s controversial overhaul of online copyright receives final approval: a “dark day for internet freedom” or a “big step ahead”?

On March 26th, the European Parliament has given final approval to the Copyright Directive, a package of legislation designed to update copyright law in Europe for the internet age. The Copyright Directive itself contains reasonable amendments to laws enforced in 2001, but two regulations – Article 11 or the “link tax” which lets publishers charge […]

The EU Parliament adopted new anti-piracy proposals

In course of modernizing the EU copyright law, the EU Parliament adopted new legislative proposals. They include the request for online services to control any uploaded content and implement measures to prevent copyright infringements. It also means prevention from repeated upload of infringing content. The final decision on the copyright reform will be made next […]

The European Commission plans to create the European Piracy Watch-List

Following the publishing of the List of Notorious Markets in the USA, EU intends to create its own piracy watch-list (“Counterfeit and Piracy Watch-List”). It is expected to contain no legal violations or analysis of IP rights protection. The List is aimed at encouraging foreign governments to implement anti-piracy measures. Unlike the US version, the […]

Google is to deprive pirates of their revenue

It is reported that Google is preparing ad blocking feature for Chrome Internet browser. It will automatically block the advertising, which does not meet the requirements of Google. This measure is supposed to deprive pirate websites of their main revenue source reducing the number of pirate websites. It is reported that Google, Facebook, News Corp […]

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