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Types of sites

What Types of Sites Have the Most of Piracy? The piracy landscape is diverse. Winning anti-piracy strategy always takes into account the variety of resources involved in the distribution of content that infringes intellectual property rights and includes specific measures that have to be applied in relation to each of them. Profound understanding of types […]

OTT Summit 2020

Copyright Tools for Social Media Piracy On December 3, 2020, during the SportsPro OTT Summit 2020, WebKontrol CEO, Olia Valigourskaia, held a content protection workshop on how to leverage rights management tools available on the largest social networking sites. Social media piracy remains one of the major problems for rights holders both in the entertainment and sports industries as […]

Movie piracy in China

The Scale of Copyright Infringements in China The film and TV market in China are developing at a fast pace. In October 2020, China officially became home to the world’s largest movie box office, announced The Hollywood Reporter[1]. Even during the pandemic, analysts predicted[2] that by the end of the year the Chinese film market […]

Fighting piracy on Google

How Google Fights Piracy Being one of the most powerful IT companies globally, Google equates to the internet itself. Given the ubiquitous nature of its products and services, Google reaches a mind-boggling audience across the globe, leading the market of internet search, cloud storage, and video hosting services. On the other hand, the endless amount […]

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