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TikTok: New Sports Piracy Hub

Recently short-video platform TikTok has gained popularity around the world and become one of the most usable social media networks in the last two years. Such types of platforms now seem more attractive for users due to specific user-oriented content suggesting algorithms. The most susceptible to piracy on TikTok is the sports industry. So, Why […]

Online-piracy by Region: Eastern Europe

As the regulation of the online sphere develops rapidly in many countries around the globe there are still territories that remain as huge infringing content hubs. One of such territories is fairly considered Eastern Europe. Why has this region become an international online-piracy hub? What are the main platforms for illegal content distribution? What should […]

Anti-piracy Software: New Way In Fighting Back Online Piracy

Today the number of users increases in geometric progression as the Internet and technologies develop rapidly every day. All of them are seeking different types of content and the most popular, of course, is copyrighted. Platforms and streaming services are developing as well but still billions of people prefer to consume illegal content as it […]

Gazprom, owner of GazpromMedia, buys majority of

On December 2d Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov USM announced that his company sold controlling shares of VK – the largest Russian social network company – to Sogaz which is a state insurance company under the control of energy-giant Gazprom. USM, which held key shares, announced that it had sold 45% of voting shares of VK […]

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