About WebKontrol

Aimed at stopping ever-growing digital piracy, WebKontrol was established by a UK Intellectual Property lawyer in 2009. For over 10 years, we’ve been gathering the brightest minds in the machine-learning and video-recognition field to create state-of-the-art anti-piracy solutions best fitted to combating all types of piracy, everywhere on the net.

We are tech-savvy anti-piracy experts focused solely on the protection of intellectual property rights. We have developed a dynamic video fingerprinting technology that enables us to process vast volumes of digital content extremely fast and on a massive scale.

Started as a team of enthusiasts with big ambitions and a clear vision of piracy trends, today we are a global anti-piracy vendor with offices in the USA (New York) and Lithuania (Vilnius).

We are highly flexible and strive constantly to be at the forefront of technological advancement, content markets, and piracy trends.

For years, major Hollywood studios, software and games corporations, and European sports leagues have been entrusting us with the protection of their most valuable assets.

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