Content Protection for Books and Press

Book piracy is tangibly hitting the publishing industry, leading to a serious drop in sales from publishing houses and book distributors. The value of the authors’ hard work is also at stake as financial shortfalls result in lower royalties paid to writers

As opposed to copyright owners in entertainment and sports, the publishing industry is not only facing the problem of rampant piracy and copyright violations against ebooks and magazines, but also the surge in the distribution of illegally published physical books.

Perfect Match for Stopping Book Piracy

WebKontrol provides an effective and reliable solution for the speedy tracking and takedown of pirated books. We help authors and publishers to secure their intellectual property rights.

  • Machine-driven internet scanning 
    We automatically browse the internet covering an unlimited number of resources. Our extensive coverage includes social media and other UGS sites, file-sharing platforms, bitTorrents, and the like. 
  • Human intelligence 
    Apart from intelligent machines, our team of dedicated specialists is here for you, supporting all stages of the content protection process to ensure the maximum anti-piracy results.
  • Highly-accurate content verification
    Prior to issuing a copyright claim, we verify every allegedly infringing e-book.
  • Delisting links on Google and other search engines
    We make pirated books invisible to your potential customers
  • ISP escalation procedure
    We contact hosting providers to increase the compliance of resources containing unauthorized copies of your books
  • 24/7 reporting via live interface
    We keep you posted on the results achieved during our anti-piracy work 
  • Client care
    We are always here for you and your authors should they wish to learn more about anti piracy protection of their titles

Book Piracy Outside the Digital Universe

The distribution of counterfeit books published illegally and advertised on large marketplaces and social media is flourishing. It’s not only easy to find a pirated digital copy of a student textbook or a recent fiction bestseller but also to get an illegal physical copy for a very low price. The quality of the counterfeit books may vary significantly from conspicuous reprints to high-quality copies that require a close anti-counterfeit assessment.

We provide anti-counterfeit coverage as a service separate from anti-piracy protection.

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