Anti-Piracy Protection for Video Games, Software, and Other Digital Products

The use of unlicensed software, and video game piracy, is so common that, to many users, it seems like a legitimate and almost innocent choice. However, this never-ending series of illegal downloads, hacks, jailbreaks, and cheats is causing billions of dollars’ worth of damages to games and software developers every year.

Other digital products, such as video training courses, are also falling victim to widespread internet piracy, given that the pirates soon find new ways to circumvent the latest digital rights management (DRM) protection.

WebKontrol provides a comprehensive anti-piracy solution for game and software publishers, as well as digital product creators.

Machine-Performed Scanning

Our proprietary, in-house site-crawling technology automatically screens the internet for your assets. We utilize the specifics of every industry (games, software, and video courses) to tailor the scanning and ensure the effectiveness of our anti-piracy efforts.

Human Intelligence

Our team oversees every stage of content protection to make sure all copyright infringements are detected and enforced.

Thorough verification

All allegedly infringing digital products undergo a process of thorough verification before being reported.

Video game piracy made invisible

We delist links that contain pirated games and software piracy from Google and other search engines, ensuring that unauthorized content is unavailable where most users are looking for it.

Shapes of Video Game Piracy

The ever-growing illegal distribution of pirated games is inextricably linked to the unauthorized sales of in-game digital items and bogus account credentials currently happening on social media sites and large e-commerce marketplaces.

WebKontrol provides extensive protection against infringing sales and the misuse of gaming accounts covering the world’s biggest marketplaces. We conduct in-depth monitoring of these platforms to identify and eliminate infringements in relation to the breach of user agreements as well as the violation of copyright and trademark legislation.

Implementing protection against software piracy and targeted safeguards against video game piracy have a huge impact on the well-being of your business.

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